The Rondout Valley – A Destination

On February 20, 2014 the RVBA held our annual membership meeting with a World Café format to discuss the plan of the organization in the coming three years. More than 80 members attended and gave their great ideas to the group. A committee of volunteers has been studying the results and formatting the findings into a three year strategic plan titled The Rondout Valley – A Destination.

Results from the planning were categorized into three main areas: Promotion, Advocacy, and Involvement. Within these categories, strategic action steps were outlines as follows: 


Short Term Goals

  • Advertising – Promote the Rondout Valley outside of the valley itself VisitVortex, the Community Guide and the new Gunks Art Trail Map with the goal of reaching over 1.2M viewers a month
  • Working with area Realtors, promote the Rondout Valley by the inclusion of “in the Rondout Valley” as part of their location descriptions, which would reaching over 900 websites worldwide
  • Promoting both a refreshed Buy Local Campaign and Small Business Saturday
  • Continuing our ongoing work with Ulster County Tourism and the other Business Organizations in the Valley, including Rondout Valley Growers Association, Ellenville-Wawarsing Chamber, Rosendale Chamber, and Esopus Business Alliance.

Mid-Term Goals

  • Actively promote RVBA members through the new RVBA website.

Long Term Goals

  • Develop member task force to work with county and town officials on the installation of “Welcome to the Rondout Valley” sign at all road entrances.


Short Term Goals

  • Continue our support for projects that improve the economy of the Rondout Valley and promote it as a destination. Examples of our efforts are: Support for the Williams Lake and Nevele Casino projects, our determination to complete the Rondout Valley Rail Trail, Support for the Long Trail.
  • Creation of Committees to address Political Debates and Students to Business Advocacy.
  • Hold public debates to address issues that will stimulate economic development within the Valley.

Mid and Long Term Goals

  • Commitment to acting on the recommendations of committees working on the above initiatives.


Short Term Goals

  • Improve RVBA to Member communication through personal reach out campaign.
  • Support the HV Current. Provide members with a forum to share ideas that support the strategic theme of “The Rondout Valley – A Destination” (i.e., HV Current).
  • Actively engage volunteers from the membership and our community to work on the strategic initiatives outlined in this plan.

The RVBA is excited by this plan and is ready to take action. But it can’t be done without your support. Please volunteer your time to help achieve these goals and encourage others to join the RVBA.



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Rondout Valley Destination